Monday, January 31, 2011

Thursdays Threads!

This is from last week, conveniently the same day we lost internet :/
Never-the-less! Here it is!

I decided to get a little country with this one.
And isn't that belt marvelous! A friend got it for me from a thrift store, It has the most awesome retro pictures all around it :) annnnnd my boots match it perfectly! Joy!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011


Eeep sorry i didn't post a "Thursdays Threads"
Tomorrow i think i'll make up for it, it'll still be a "Thursdays Threads" just um a few days late :}
Anywho my sister in law is awesome and bought me these cowgirl boots :)

Hee hee aren't they cute! I'll have fun pairing them with my wardrobe :)

Annnnd on a side note i think it would be fun to style my hair somewhat like this for St.Valentines day:

Doesn't it look like a heart in the middle :D
Yes im cheesy in that sort of way :)
I'm going to play around with it any way, I'll have to figure how to achieve it with my freshly cut bettie bangs :)
Yes i cut them, i missed them too much :)

Im also having tattoo fever again, this time its a high temp too :(
I have such a long list of things I'm wanting, patience is hard :( 
But such a grand virtue :D

I suppose thats all for now, look forward to a "Thursdays Threads" tomorrow! Lets just pretend its Thursday, ok?  ;-)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Here's to you 2010

A photo memory of an every changing me in a year;










And let each one after be the same!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday's Threads!

This will be my first "Thursday's Threads" blog!
In which i will be talking about my wardrobe, things i want for my wardrobe, things i'll make for my wardrobe etc.

Have you ever had an item that you've seen in the store, you fall instantly in love with and for whatever reason you don't purchase it? And then you beat your self up because "You'll never find it again" "It was perfect" etc.?
Well its happened to me, about two years ago i found the perfect black high-waisted skirt...And didn't buy it.
Well folks its ok, because...I FOUND THE PERFECT MOCK SKIRT!
I am so happy.
And now lets move on;
I really adore this sweater the only thing is that its a little short for my liking, solution? High-waisted skirts! *cha-ching!*

Yeah so i got a bit photoshop happy....
But there's my outfit for today, i feel warm, cute and a bit "teacher-y"

Shirt- Thrifted (Originally Target)
Skirt- Ross (of all places!)
Socks- Target
Shoes- Which you can't see are my red flats i wore the previous post are from, Payless

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sew in love

On New Years day i re-learned to crochet, sparking a mad non-stop crocheting fool!
I finished this scarf yesterday, a scarf i have been wanting to crochet since i was about fourteen, and now almost ten years later...It's done!!

My loving husbad gave me those red flats for Christmas to replace my sad pathetic destroyed pair :) yay!
Eeek! I love it.
I'm also working on a red scarf for my hubster, which is sooooo soft! I can't wait to give it to him :)
I intend to keep this hobby up, perhaps make a matching scarf for each of my lovely babes :)

In addition to keeping crocheting up i also want to keep my blog current! I'm wanting to assign themes for each day, or for a few days.
When i come up with them all I'll let you know!
Til then, Ta-ta!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

GEEEEEEZ, i haven't posted anything in a while, tsk tsk.
BUT! I do have a pretty good excuse, i had six christmas...SIX!
Sooooo much fun, but phew! Exhausting!
I'll sum them up with these pictures :)

I love this picture for many reason, one the silly "reindeer" in the background
and two Gwenies sad face because she got pushed off the bench:)

Looking for Santa

Leaving cookies for "Santa" we like to pretend to believe :)

A tradition im wanting to continue, i started it last Christmas, getting to open one gift on Christmas Eve and it being... New pajamas!

So our Christmas were pretty amazing :)