Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas things!

Today me and my kiddos made some oatmeal cookies! Yum!
Very messy, a lot of sneaking cookie batter, but oh so fun!

And Isn't that Santa Clause amazing! Guess what?!

It's a cookie jar!!! I love cookie jars, but alas this is my only one, and it's only allowed out after thanksgiving. :)

I also decorated my kitchen a bit for the holiday;

Aren't they cuuuuuuuute!!! I love them!

I alsoooooo made a quick little craft inspired by Sunshine and carousels using what i had left over from previous crafting :)

I had some burlap leftover from this amazing Halloween costume :) and who doesn't have tons of ribbon lying around???
So despite not feeling all well i still had a pretty good day :) 
Take that sickness! :-P

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Feelin' Retro

The title says it all, it may be the fact that I'm falling in love with my living room, which has a 1970's grandmas house feel, but in a modern non-floral way :)

Here are some new additions to my humble abode:

 Both pieces of art made by my Great Grandma Alta :)

 Coasters! May also be used as wall art!

Hee hee i picked him up from goodwill last night. I believe it is done by the artist Tomi de Paola, but there is no signature so I'm not sure.

I actually realllllly like this corner of my living room now. It went from a boring empty corner, to a hippies delight. At least thats how i see it :) 

Newest addition to my mantle, i just love him!

Or it may be the fact that i'm feeling retro with my new sweater :)

The first prototype to many more necklaces i intend to paint :)

Kayla also was looking the 1970's part in a new shirt i got from a swap:

Adorable isn't it! I had a few other photos but uploader has decided to hate me right now...So i may be "updating" later :)

Anyways, retro-ness, another equation that may have enhanced my mood might have been my choice of music:

Love this band, would most defiantly recommend them :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

She & Him

Soooo, i got to wear my new winter clothes this weekend :) 
Unfortunately i forgot to take pictures :(
But I will for sure wear those outfits again, i was vibing She & Him and i loved it.

Any ways, i think im addicted to coffee...Here's proof:      
Resist! Resist! 
I just couldn't, It was too alluring!

And thats pretty much it...A better post later on. :)

P.S. this was suppose to be posted last night, but i fell asleep watching "How I met your Mother." :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pretty in Pears

Since the high is once again 80 i can not wear any of my new winter clothes :/
So instead heres something i got a few weeks ago at a clothing swap, very fun, any chance you get go to one!

Basically its the best shirt ever, with everything i adore on a blouse. So this is what i wore with it, my beanie/beret (again), my new belt (again), gray skinny jeans, and my silver flats.

Hee hee buttons!
I love that they're pears!

Soooooo i feel cute, and i'm still wearing a cool weather hat so i don't feel like I'm cheating fall.
I will look the season even if it doesn't feel like the season. 
And now i must go, i smell my homemade nutmeg muffins and i am physically drooling.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First outfit post!

Last Monday my sister-in-law, Gillian, and I went thrift store shopping! We were both in need of winter clothes, luckily I found three cute shirts, in which i will be blogging about in the next three posts :)
It was super fun and a nice break from the usual routine.
Here are some pictures from our trip:

I thought this wall looked cool, so i made Gillian take a picture of me :)

Ok is this not the most fabulous 80's prom dress, in all the most horrible ways of course. And it fit perfectly...But, i don't need a horrible blue prom dress that fit perfectly. 

Don't worry all those pictures were talking while stopped :)

And so here is the first shirt i bought and what i'm wearing with it:

I'm wearing my favorite beret/beanie ever. My mom made it for me yeaarrrrrrs ago and i recently fell in love with it again.
The adorable black and gray checkered button up was originally from forever 21 (love that store) and i got it for a lovely 5 dollars.
And it is sooooo comfortable, i can flap like a chicken with no restrictions :D

Just look at that cute little ruffle along the buttons! 
Oh i also got that belt I'm wearing, only 4 dollars :) 
Among needing winter clothes i also need more accessories, plus my sister just got a belt like this that i wanted, so instead of stealing hers i just got my own :)

While i was taking pictures my puppy dog decided to come play.

So i bugged her with over zealous attention and she was pleased and ran off to play else where :)

So there it is my new awesome button up, more to come!
If the weather is permitting, come on Fall 80 high??? Really?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Krause Springs

Last weekend our little family went to Krause springs.  It was soooo much fun, and such a beautiful day, high of 70, heck yes!
Cue photo drop!

Talking about how BIG the tree is.

Such ridiculous shoes that bring her so much joy.

My Boy and I.
Showing me something.

Looking down at the river.

My handsome boys.



Tired babies

My dainty ballerina and Sir Destruct-o