Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First outfit post!

Last Monday my sister-in-law, Gillian, and I went thrift store shopping! We were both in need of winter clothes, luckily I found three cute shirts, in which i will be blogging about in the next three posts :)
It was super fun and a nice break from the usual routine.
Here are some pictures from our trip:

I thought this wall looked cool, so i made Gillian take a picture of me :)

Ok is this not the most fabulous 80's prom dress, in all the most horrible ways of course. And it fit perfectly...But, i don't need a horrible blue prom dress that fit perfectly. 

Don't worry all those pictures were talking while stopped :)

And so here is the first shirt i bought and what i'm wearing with it:

I'm wearing my favorite beret/beanie ever. My mom made it for me yeaarrrrrrs ago and i recently fell in love with it again.
The adorable black and gray checkered button up was originally from forever 21 (love that store) and i got it for a lovely 5 dollars.
And it is sooooo comfortable, i can flap like a chicken with no restrictions :D

Just look at that cute little ruffle along the buttons! 
Oh i also got that belt I'm wearing, only 4 dollars :) 
Among needing winter clothes i also need more accessories, plus my sister just got a belt like this that i wanted, so instead of stealing hers i just got my own :)

While i was taking pictures my puppy dog decided to come play.

So i bugged her with over zealous attention and she was pleased and ran off to play else where :)

So there it is my new awesome button up, more to come!
If the weather is permitting, come on Fall 80 high??? Really?

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