Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pretty in Pears

Since the high is once again 80 i can not wear any of my new winter clothes :/
So instead heres something i got a few weeks ago at a clothing swap, very fun, any chance you get go to one!

Basically its the best shirt ever, with everything i adore on a blouse. So this is what i wore with it, my beanie/beret (again), my new belt (again), gray skinny jeans, and my silver flats.

Hee hee buttons!
I love that they're pears!

Soooooo i feel cute, and i'm still wearing a cool weather hat so i don't feel like I'm cheating fall.
I will look the season even if it doesn't feel like the season. 
And now i must go, i smell my homemade nutmeg muffins and i am physically drooling.


  1. Wow!
    That blouse is sooo cute!
    Especially the buttons :]

    I love your ink!
    I'm thinking about having a few interviews on my blog with women who have tattoos.
    Would you be interested in being featured?


  2. Such an unbelievably cute top! And I've just spotted all the tattoos in these pictures and ohmygosh! Every time I saw a different one I was like "I love it!". The skulls really do look amazing though.

  3. Awww thanks! i do take pride in my tattoos lol

    Ayeisha, i would love too participate!