Thursday, November 18, 2010

Feelin' Retro

The title says it all, it may be the fact that I'm falling in love with my living room, which has a 1970's grandmas house feel, but in a modern non-floral way :)

Here are some new additions to my humble abode:

 Both pieces of art made by my Great Grandma Alta :)

 Coasters! May also be used as wall art!

Hee hee i picked him up from goodwill last night. I believe it is done by the artist Tomi de Paola, but there is no signature so I'm not sure.

I actually realllllly like this corner of my living room now. It went from a boring empty corner, to a hippies delight. At least thats how i see it :) 

Newest addition to my mantle, i just love him!

Or it may be the fact that i'm feeling retro with my new sweater :)

The first prototype to many more necklaces i intend to paint :)

Kayla also was looking the 1970's part in a new shirt i got from a swap:

Adorable isn't it! I had a few other photos but uploader has decided to hate me right now...So i may be "updating" later :)

Anyways, retro-ness, another equation that may have enhanced my mood might have been my choice of music:

Love this band, would most defiantly recommend them :)


  1. Love the homemade necklace!
    I also wanted to give you the...

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