Friday, January 14, 2011


Eeep sorry i didn't post a "Thursdays Threads"
Tomorrow i think i'll make up for it, it'll still be a "Thursdays Threads" just um a few days late :}
Anywho my sister in law is awesome and bought me these cowgirl boots :)

Hee hee aren't they cute! I'll have fun pairing them with my wardrobe :)

Annnnd on a side note i think it would be fun to style my hair somewhat like this for St.Valentines day:

Doesn't it look like a heart in the middle :D
Yes im cheesy in that sort of way :)
I'm going to play around with it any way, I'll have to figure how to achieve it with my freshly cut bettie bangs :)
Yes i cut them, i missed them too much :)

Im also having tattoo fever again, this time its a high temp too :(
I have such a long list of things I'm wanting, patience is hard :( 
But such a grand virtue :D

I suppose thats all for now, look forward to a "Thursdays Threads" tomorrow! Lets just pretend its Thursday, ok?  ;-)

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