Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Wonderful Weekend!

This weekend, and past week, have just been soooo wonderful!
First my lovely hubster was off all week, Yay!
Then i got my new tattoos! My half sleeve is almost done!
Heres what we've got so far :)

Morton Salt Girl~Finished!

Cupcake! ~Lollipops not quite finished :)

Matryoshka Doll~Not finished :)

Eeek! I love them (^-^) And it only took her 4 hours! Tina From Resurrection is amazing!

Afterwards we went and ate at Baker St. Pub and Grill, My sister in law works there so we decided to check it out :)

My handsome man :)

hee hee, we have fun :)
And to put the cherry on top! I got to go shopping with my sister! :D
I'll be posting pictures of my new goodies soon!

Hope y'all had an amazing weekend as well.
Now i must go, the weekend is not completely over yet :)

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