Monday, October 11, 2010

Falls introduction

I am very excited about fall, the decor is up, 

and the pumpkin spice candles are lit, (my FAVORITE!!) 

and now its time for the weather to deem it here. 

The kids and I (i have a 5yr old girl and 2yr old boy) have started to decorate outside for Halloween. We hung "spider-webs" up! The little ones helped, although some of the "webs" ended up looking like snow :).   

We plan on getting pumpkins closer to the 31st to carve, so they don't wither and decay before their appearance on All Hallows eve. I would also like to do some Fall crafting things to display :) very excited! "Ooooooooo!" as my daughter would put it, with her "spider fingers", every time we talk of Halloween. 

Speaking of my silly 5yr old she got herself dressed today in the cutest outfit. So i asked if i could take pictures of her, and she responded, "Mom, I'm always ready to take pictures." definitely my girl.  

Gorgeous ain't she?? (she looks like me ;-P )

And now to go outside and enjoy this apple cider drinking weather :) 

Ta Ta!!!

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