Friday, October 15, 2010

My Thrifty Thursday!

Oh wow, i am on a thrift store kick! Kerrppppowww!!! The fever set in on Wednesday when i went into goodwill while Kayla(my 5yr old girly) was in ballet class. It has been a while since i've gotten to go to any thrift stores but i was still able to go in full swing. Found a couple of neat goodies, and that was all i needed for it to set completely in. Oh and apparently my go to buy number is six, six dollars?? Oh thats nothing!! Until you get ten six dollar items...(Don't worry that didn't happen....This time. *cue mischievous grin* end cue)...So anyways this is what i got from goodwill:

(They match my house perfectly!!)
One of the little pumpkin guys are missing, The cuter one, in my opinion, is in hospital-crafting-wing. My son was playing with him and dropped it, but its an easy fix. No harm done.

I also had gotten a pair of bright blue sheer tights, but when putting them on they instantly begun having runs...Can't really complain...59 cents is all they were...And all they were worth apparently. Gerrrschnapple (my new favorite distress word), but oh well i can use the fancy sheer for a crafting project.

The next day I went with two of my sisters into Austin, so these were needed:

(It was a twitchy car-ride)
We went to Target first, the real reason we went into Austin, And found things for my sons Halloween costume *cue spider-fingers* end cue.
Then...Dun Dun DUUUUN! We went to Savers.
I found. (It actually was one of my sisters). The most absolutely adorable perfect pair of shoes.
I love them.
Has anyone seen the movie "Penelope"??
Well if you have you have seen my longed for Fall/Winter wardrobe:

Adorable right?! Well with these shoes i feel i can achieve this look flawlessly. In fact I'm vibe'ing (Is that a real word??) her right now:

And there they are...I love them...Every bit. To the tinniest detail, the scalped edges, the little floral pattern,  the stitching around the toe. And to make me love them even more so, they were wait for it....Six dollars!! (giddy girl dance!) 
Made my day.

I also got this awesome print that goes oh so well in my living room:

(also six dollars!)

Isn't its retro'ness (that one is not a real word.) amazing?!

We also went to a store called "Bead it". It is a wonderful store for any craft lover...It's also a dangerous store for any craft lover...
I restrained this time, i got a simple wooden pendent in which i intend to paint on. 
Here are a few shots from our adventure:

We're sisters...Can you tell??

Even without our kids with us, We're still the annoying ones in Target.

Oh i also drew an ugly rabbit in heat:

Although my sisters think he's ugly, I actual am quite fond of him...

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