Thursday, October 21, 2010

Something old, into Something new!

I was feeling crafty the other day, so i made the best of it.
I have had these coasters for a while, where you can put your own pictures in them. Well i finally got tired of them being empty, so i grabbed a couple of old Reminisce magazines, and started flipping though them.
They have the neatest ads and such.  I picked through the odd little pictures, found my favorites, and put them to use:

This one is my favorite! It matches my living room perfectly!

Hee hee its a tv.

While i was flipping through the magazines i also found these amazing old Halloween postcards.
Perfect for decoration, so with the help of:

Awesome old magazines,

Old playing cards,


And good ol' Mod podge!

I was able to create these beauties:

Which hang beautifully in my dinning room window:


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