Thursday, October 21, 2010

Photo drop!

This past Sunday we went to a pumpkin patch and had lots of festive fun. Finding pumpkins in the pumpkin hunt, painting them afterwards, face painting, etc.  So here is a simple blog with lots of pictures...Cue photo drop!

Is this not the most mischievous picture??

waiting for the hay ride to start

Chaotic family picture! I love how Kayla and Noah are looking at each other. 

Noah found his two pumpkins!

But he was much more interested in finding sticks.

So excited to find them!

Stomping on a DECAYED PUMPKIN!! Yes, Kayla used "Decay".

I adore her freckles.

Painting pumpkins!

Kayla asked if she could paint her own face; 

Her response to getting some one her nose.

Kayla's Flower or pumpkin, depending on when you ask her.

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